UNISA Students Urged To Collect Their Certificates


The University of South Africa (Unisa) is calling on all students who are yet to pick up their certificates to contact the university directly and make arrangements to do so.


The University of South Africa (Unisa) has expressed concern about students speaking to the media and posting on social media platforms about their inability to receive their certificates.

The university has said in an announcement that students have been notified via SMS on several occasions to pick up their certificates at the Unisa Main Campus in Muckleneuck and Regional Facilities, but many students have not done so. 

UNISA also said that students will receive SMS messages soon informing them of the date and the Unisa office where they may pick up their certificates.

Months prior to this, the university struggled to issue certificates which upset a number of students who had been waiting for the release of their qualifications for several months.

The university would later respond with a statement confirming that they had been experiencing problems with the issuing and delivery of certificates to students.  

Students have been urged to respond to requests to collect their certificates and contact the University via e-mail at enquire@unisa.ac.za or through the Call Centre on 080 000 1870.

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