Unisa Students Join Nationwide Shutdown

Unisa students talk of planned nationwide shutdown as management refuses to meet their demands. Students from universities across the country have now joined the protest for free education. 



Protests for financially excluded students and free education escalate to a national shutdown 

Starting last week at Wits University, students began protesting against financial exclusion, this protest has now escalated as university students across South Africa begin to protest. Students from other Universities such as UJ, UCT, UFS, UMP, UP, UKZN and even TVET Colleges have joined protests calling for free education. 

Unisa students have shutdown the campus to protest for free education. On the site of the protest, Unisa SRC member Prince tells eNCA that: 

 We are reacting to the exclusional posture taken by the management,

The SRC says there was a memorandum of demands that was presented to the management but, both the Vice chancellor and the registrar of the university didn’t not come to accept it.

As the protest continues, students are blocking off entrances and burning tyres in order to get their message across, saying that management will only respond to this violent behaviour and that it will only get worse until they get the response they are looking for. 

We are not going to relax unless the management comes to address these issues.

Since the beginning of the protest at Wits, it has only been intensifying as more and more students are gathering. Unisa law student on site of the protest says:

The decision was made last week, we are going to shut down the campus

Police have arrived on site to keep the protest from escalating further but, students say that they are not afraid of the police 

As there is no response from Unisa management, students plan a nation wide protest that is said to take place on the 31st of March. Students are planning a peaceful protest to the Union Buildings with their demands for free education. 


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