Unisa Resolves 2021 Online Exam Issues


After a year of UNISA being adversely affected by loadshedding that disrupted online exams, the university has come up with solutions to cater to the different needs of its students.


The University of South Africa (Unisa) received over 6.5 million assignment submissions and students participated in 1.4 million online summative assessments this year. 

In a statement released by Unisa, it said:

We are pleased that the participation rates in the online examinations were consistently higher than those of venue-based assessments and that absenteeism from examinations continues to decline.

Since Unisa has moved their examinations online, the university has witnessed an incline in cheating in examinations. Piloting two invigilating tools (the Invigilator App and IRIS) in the October to December 2020 online examinations was their way of addressing the issue that they were facing.

Using The Invigilator App

Students are encouraged to send their query to the Invigilator WhatsApp number (073 505 8273 or call 080 000 1870 ) should they encounter exam-related issues, as this would have retained records of students who could not be invigilated.

Students who have been affected by this will be allowed to write supplementary examinations in the January/February 2022 examination period, and also receive a written warning from the Disciplinary Office for breaking examination rules.

Students who have received an “absent from examination” have been noted. 

Their marks are being processed and their results will be updated once finalized. 

Students are advised to send all examination-related enquiries to [email protected].

CTA and CSET Students

The CTA tests were invigilated throughout the year utilising the Invigilator App, whilst CSET students were invigilated using the IRIS invigilation.

CTA and CSET students who did not participate in the online invigilation for their 2021 examinations will have their marks withheld and will be referred for disciplinary action.

Students need to re-register their modules unless they have already applied for aegrotat examinations. 

MCQ Examinations

Students have been warned against starting their MCQ examinations in multiple browsers. 

Also, the use of browser forward and backward navigation buttons is not permitted as this risks the students' responses being lost.

This automatically results in a zero final mark. 

These are the user-related challenges, students have been afforded an opportunity to write during the January/February 2022 examination period.

Aegrotat Applications

Students who were not able to write their exams due to being affected by loadshedding and/or network challenges are requested to apply for an aegrotat.

This is inclusive of students who have lost a loved one or fell ill during the course of the exams. Aegrotat applications are submitted within 10 days of scheduled examination sittings. 

Examination-related enquiries are to be sent to [email protected].

Supplementary Examination Timetables

Once the supplementary/deferred examinations timetable has been finalised, it will be available on myUnisa. 

Should the timetable not be available on myUnisa by the 10th January 2022, students are advised to contact [email protected].






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