Unisa Makes Changes To Oct/Nov Exam Timetable

Unisa has announced that they will be making changes to the October/November 2020 examination timetable. This comes after the University completed their first semester online examination period which did not come without it's own bumps and delayed side effects such as with the release of results.

Unisa will be making changes to their October/November 2020 examination timetable. 'Change' and moving of dates seem to be the norm for University students as the world battles with Covid-19. Under normal circumstances, change and movements are already expected but now Covid has taken this a step further.

Unisa stated the following:

The provisional October/November 2020 examination timetable will be amended to make provision for the online assessment processes.

Students can expect their new examination timetable to be available for them in mid-September. It will be sent to their myLife e-mail accounts. Students are therefore encouraged to check their accounts regularly for any important announcements.

For the May/June exam period, Unisa offered students the option of writing examinations online or move them to the end of the year when writing sit down exams are possible. Concerning how the exam period went, many students raised the issue of a lack of communication and support, which UNISA is addressing in order to avoid this problem next year. However, at the end of it all, Unisa received a positive response about their online examinations from students.

Unisa is in the process of delivering results to students but have not been as efficient as they would have hoped. The University has completed their online examination period and students now await their results as they see the start of their second semester. 

The University missed their planned date for the release of students' exam results. It was said that all results were to be released on 27 July but they were not able to release some "due to unforeseen challenges". Results for the May/June examination period will therefore be released after they have been marked.

Side effects of this late release would be that students now have less time to study for final examinations and complete assignments for the second semester.


October/November 2020 examination timetable:

Posted by Unisa - The University of South Africa on Thursday, 6 August 2020



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