UNISA Is The Highest Contributor To Accounting Board Exam Pass Rate

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The University of South Africa continues to be the country's, highest contributor when it comes to candidates who have passed the Initial Test of Competence (ICT) exam at its College of Accounting Sciences.


Following the release of the results for its second Initial Test of Competence (ITC) examination results on Friday this 5 November 2021. The College of Accounting Sciences (CAS) Has said that it is pleased with the performance of its former students who took part in the exams.

Acting Executive Dean of CAS, Mandisa Gandela went on to say that there have been notable improvements, despite the current performance being lower than that of the first sitting, 

Although the 59% national pass rate is 5 percentage points lower than the 2021 first sitting (April 2021), Unisa achieved an improved pass rate of 52% as compared to 39% for the first sitting in 2021. This is a significant achievement, given that all but 50 of the 2 002 candidates who passed are repeaters.

CAS had a total of 1 381 candidates, which accounted for 69% of all those who took the exams. The 719 candidates who passed the second sitting will add to the 625 who passed in April, to make a combined total of 1 344 Unisa (CAS) candidates who passed the ITC in 2021.

This means that UNISA continues to provide the highest number of candidates who have passed the ITC exam this year, compared to the 354 contributions of the second-highest institution.

This translates to a 64% contribution to national passes for the second sitting and an overall 37% contribution to the national passes for 2021.

Gandela also stated although this means that UNISA has made huge contributions to the Chartered Accountant profession, there is still a performance gap between black and white candidates.

“We have, however, identified a performance gap between black and white candidates. Our black candidates have achieved an average of 55%, compared to an average of 69% achieved by white candidates,” she explains 

She added that this existing gap has been a long-standing concern that the College of Accounting Science is looking to address, adding that 62% of black candidates who were successful studied at Unisa, with 48% of them being African.

The college has also said that it will continue to make every effort to guarantee that students are prepared for all SAICA exams. These are some of the measures that they plan to put in place, which include:

  • Enforcing stringent application of the examination entry requirements (40% per module) or exploring an effective approach for this purpose.
  • Applying fair discretion to adjustment in the Final Mark Compositions thresholds.
  • Implementing an integration model for teaching and assessments.
  • Providing extra tutorial support funded through external sources.
  • Discontinuing supplementary examination concessions.
  • Continuing with ITC examination preparation workshops.
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