Unisa Extends Deadline For Assignments

Unisa has made an announcement to all students concerning an extension to assignment deadlines. This will allow Unisa students to have more time to tackle these assignments and hopefully have better results. It's also good to know how to submit assignments online and we're able to help you.

Unisa has extended the deadline for Assignments.

Assignments due on 7 June have now been extended to 14 June.

Unisa stated:

We are aware that some students have experienced challenges and were unable to meet the first assignment due date of 7 June 2021.

Due to this, Unisa has said that they will keep the module sites open until 14 June "to provide those students who experience challenges extra time to submit first assignments."

The University further explained that this due date extension is not for signature modules, continuous assessment modules and Early Completion Programme (ECP) assignments.

Students are urged to check myUnisa for the relevant due dates.

The University also sent some encouragement to students, "We urge all students to submit their assignments on time".

It's also important to remember that all assignments have to be submitted online via myUnisa. No hardcopy assignments will be accepted or marked.

How To Submit Written (Text) Assignments Online

  1. Log on to your myUnisa account
  2. Go to 'myAdmin'
  3. Click on 'Assignment Submission'
  4. Select the file to be submitted
  5. Submit assignment

Or you can:

  1. Log on to your myUnisa account
  2. Go to 'More Sites' 
  3. Select the module's site
  4. Click on 'Assignments' 
  5. Find the assignment you'll be submitting
  6. Click on 'Submit'
  7. Select the file to be submitted
  8. Submit assignment

Click here for your guide to submitting Unisa assignments online.

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