Unisa Exams To Come To An End in December

Unisa has announced that their examination period will be starting earlier than planned and will end later. Students will write all their exams online.


This year's Unisa examinations will kick off earlier than previous years and end later than normal. Unisa's examinations will commence soon, on 6 September, and will then come to an end on 3 December.

This, Unisa says, is due to the "unusual academic year that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic and the drawn-out lockdown protocols".

Unisa announced early this year that exams will now be done differently. In 2021, students are only being given one examination period for the year. This means that they'll be writing on the year's work in a matter of months.

The exams will also fully be done online. This of course means that students will require a device and data with some modules needing more such as webcams and high-speed internet.

Fortunately, Unisa students who are in South Africa are being given 30GB of data every month that the exams are taking place for. 

Unisa has urged students to make sure that the cellphone number on their myUnisa account is correct so that they can receive the free data. They will use the student's existing network provider to access the data.

Once details have been verified, Unisa will then extract a list of mobile numbers to serve as a master reference for MNOs to activate data.

This examination period will see students writing both semester one and semester two's exams in a single period, rather than having two separate exam periods. 

Students can view their exam timetables here.

Click here to read the full statement from Unisa.

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