Unisa Delays Enrolment of 20 000 Students

Unisa has still not enrolled the 20 000 students after being denied the option to cut down on their enrolment for 2021. A court ruling has been sent to the University to address many of Unisa's current issues, but the universities has said to be filing for an appeal. 


EFF Student Command is disappointed in Unisa's delay of enrolment for approximately 20 000 first time students.

After Unisa's request to lessen their enrolment for 2021 by 20 000 students was denied by the Department of Higher Education, Unisa has still not enrolled the 20 000 students they they originally rejected. 

Many of the students that have yet to be enrolled are funded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), and NSFAS will disqualify them if they are not enrolled at a university soon. Even self paying students are concerned with the funding of their studies as Unisa takes their time to enroll students. 

As the year progresses and more people are matriculating, the pool of unenrolled students at Unisa is only seeming to increase, making their issue bigger and bigger as time passes.

The EFF Student Command has sent Unisa court ruling and they have been taking their own time to response to the ruling.

They have been said to have confirmed that the enrollment of the 20 000 will be done but, the administration team and registrar of the university has not been making any moves to begin the enrollment process and everything seems very uncertain. 

Unisa students have been receiving constant emails, pushing students to continue the academic year in hopes that it will disrupt the Student Commands' court ruling. 

EFF Student Command member says: 

They will say it is no longer practical because, the academic year has already commenced.

The council member believe that their will be no resolution made for the current situation.

Unisa has also filed for an appeal against the court ruling they received, only delaying the process even further.

The University's senior management has also been summoned with regards to Unisa constantly over enrolling students but, nothing has been reported yet.

Unisa has been accused of having no proper enrollment plan and an inefficient administration team despite being one the highest paying university's in South Africa. 


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