Unisa Announces Changes Due To Level 4 Lockdown

All Universities are now having to make many changes and adjustments after President Cyril Ramaphosa Level 4 lockdown anouncement. Unisa has now released a statement where various changes for Unisa students are outlined.


Following the announcement that the country is moving to Level 4 lockdown for 2 weeks, Universities across South Africa have had to scramble and adjust. Unisa was one of these Universities that announced various changes.

The University made the following clear before stating anything else:

The following arrangements are challenging for us all, but Unisa is still operational and will be fully online during the Alert Level 4 period.


Unisa has extended the deadline for Assignments. All assignments will now be due after 1 July. Unisa explained, "Since the closing dates differ from module to module, please check your myUnisa module sites for the revised due dates."

The University further explained that this due date extension is not for signature modules, continuous assessment modules and Early Completion Programme (ECP) assignments.

Click here for your guide to submitting Unisa assignments online.

Students are encouraged to use the Microsoft Lens app.


Unisa announced earlier this year that exams for this year will be done in one examination period which will be in September and onwards. This then means that this level 4 announcement won't disrupt exams.

The only exams taking place outside of the examination period would be final-year students writing Early Completion exams or supplementary exams. These students would have their exams be done online and would have received their timetables.

All Unisa exams will take place online which is perfect for lockdown. CTA2 students will write their tests online as well.


All labs and practicals will be postponed to a time where it is safe for students to come in and do them. Unisa then went on to say that special permits will be granted to master's and doctoral students and researchers needing to conduct research in the laboratories.

With the early closure of schools, the Teaching Practice Unit in the College of Education will communicate with students on how to proceed with teaching practicals that may have been disrupted.

Study Material

If you didn't receive your relevant study material, you can access it online through myUnisa or download it.

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Unisa students are encouraged to access the Unisa library online which can be done though myUnisa. Click here for a guide to access Unisa's libraries.

Only essential staff will be present on Unisa's campuses. Students can still reach their lecturers by calling their office phone numbers or e-mail. This must however only be done during office hours.

To read the full statement from Unisa on myUnisa, click here.


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