Unisa Addresses Allegations Made Against Them by EFFSC


Unisa has some serious allegations made towards them by the EFF Student Command after the appointment of their new Vice Chancellor and National and Regional SRC. They argue that the allegations were false and give proof that the manner in which the appointment was made happen fairly and lawfully.


Unisa's Secretary of the EFF Student Command (EFFSC) Umtata Branch has made some serious allegations on the universities process of appointing a new principle and Vice Chancellor and the 2021 National and Regional SRC elections. 

The allegations that were made does not only question the universities appointment process but, also the integrity of Council members. This allegations were made without any substance or evidence according to the university.

In a statement released by Unisa, they say:

This statement is riddled with conjecture, malice, distortion of facts, suggestion and innuendo; and is dismissed with the contempt it deserves. It is an attempt to incite the university to engage on these issues in the court of public opinion, where there is no burden for those making the allegations to provide any proof.

They state that they will not be engaging with any stakeholders in this manner. 

The institution says that their appointment of Vice Chancellor was done in a fair and lawful process, having went through all the important institutional structures that are required by the Institutional Statute.

The opportunity for objection prior to the finalization of the Vice Chancellor was given, but no objections were raised. As no objections were raised by any party the appointment was made final and EEFSC members were unhappy. 

When the new Vice Chancellor was appointed, everyone including the EFFSC, celebrated. 

The National and Regional SRC election also took place in a lawful manner as they appointed an independent electoral body to observe and oversee the election. Again any objections that were made prior the finalization was dealt with in accordance to the policy and the rules in place. 

Unisa says:

The university encourages any stakeholder who has evidence of unlawful conduct by any member of Council, staff or student of the university pertaining to these two processes; to report this through relevant university channels so that these can be attended to correctly.

The university state that the allegations made are only damaging Unisa's brand and the reputation of the parties involved in the decision making processes. Public allegations to the media makes it difficult for the university to make any meaningful interventions. 




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