Unisa 2021 Registration Closes Soon

Unisa will close their registration for 2021 in a few days. Due to Unisa extending their registration, they've also extended their payment dates. Read further to find out more.


Unisa's registration will close on 26 March which is very close so be sure to register now before it's too late, if you haven't already.

The University released a statement which said:

Unisa will have only one registration period for the 2021 academic year, which means that you must register for all your modules for 2021 (semester 1 and 2 modules, pre-requisites, co-requisites, follow-on modules and year modules) before the closing date of 26 March 2021.

To know more about Unisa registrations, click here.

Due to Unisa extending their registration for a further two weeks, they the had to extend the closing dates for payments.

These are the new payment dates for student fees for undergraduate qualifications, honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas:

unisa payment dates

If you need to come to any Unisa office, you will first need to make a booking in advance. No student will be allowed access to any campus without a booking a space or completing the Health Check App.

Unisa students are urged to not book to visit a campus or building if you do not plan to visit it. 

Students arriving at Unisa premises must ensure that they have completed the health check application at https://healthcheck.higherhealth.ac.za/ and that they wear a mask at all times on Unisa premises.

You can view the Unisa announcement on registrations and payments here.

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