Union Wants Teachers To Strike For School Closures

The Educators Union of South Africa is calling for teachers to protest for schools to be temporarily closed for the third wave. The department has insisted that schools will stay open, which some are not happy with.


Schools should close temporarily due to the third wave and teachers should be protesting for that very cause. That's what the Educators' Union of South Africa (EUSA) said this past week.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has insisted that schools will stay open as, according to them and other experts, schools are the safest and best place for learners to be.

Kabelo Mahlobogwane, the spokesperson for the EUSA, said:

These stats of teacher absenteeism, I usually report it to the department and it is not published on media, which is why you may not be aware of it but we can tell you that we have received a report of over 100 schools that had to close today simply because the larger number of teachers were absent.

Which Mahlobogwane sees as a good thing explaining, "we are just trying to send a message to the department of basic education to say, 'teachers are concerned about their lives and their safety'."

The Union wants the Minister to consider the teachers, who work hard to contribute to the country every day saying, "if teachers die, these learners won't have anyone to teach them even tomorrow".

Mahlobogwane went on to say that everyone, even Ministers, are working from home so why can't teachers do the same.

The Union emphasises that they aren't saying schools should close for long, only for the period of the third wave where hospitals are under pressure.

The rollout of the school vaccination programmes do of course help but Mahlobogwane went on to say that teachers should not have received the Johnson&Johnson vaccine which is still under trial and study.

"These vaccines that teachers are getting now, teachers will need to wait 30 days for them to work. In that 30 days, anything can happen," this he says is according to what health experts have said.

He says that he has spoken to health experts who have said that schools staying open is dangerous.


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