Union Wants Teachers Prioritised In Vaccine Rollout


With the vaccine rollout going smoothly, the South African Democratic Teachers Union, better known as SADTU, is questioning government's processes. They want government to not only do more but to also prioritise the vaccinations of teachers.


The South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) welcomes the vaccine. Teachers are set to receive the vaccine in April as part of phase two of the vaccine rollout.

However, the union feels that government is not doing enough because they are not vaccinating enough people in a day. About 6000 people are vaccinated every day. With teacher totals coming to around 400 000, SADTU then questions how long it would take to vaccinate all teachers in the country.

The union is now calling for teachers to be prioritised in the vaccine rollout as they are frontline workers who come into contact with people all over the community.

SADTU's Secretary-General said:

We are saying that the teachers and those who work in the schools and those who service us for education, all of them. They are frontline workers. They are critical workers and therefore they bring more numbers.

On the move to level one, SADTU says, "This is not the end of the virus and we are saying that now people must really not drop the guts. In particular, for our learners and our teachers, clearly it is that we must go on as if we are in Level 5."

The union suggests that the drop in levels is not because of the virus but rather because of people losing their jobs and this is government's way of combatting the issue of unemployment getting worse.

SADTU is concerned that the drop to Alert Level 1 will be what sparks the third wave, as many have suggested.  

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