UNICEF Says Closing Schools Should Be the Last Resort

The United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF), which acts as a promoter and defender of children’s rights, has come out and said enough is enough. The activist organisation shares concerns as governments close schools to prevent the Spread of Covid-19 so read further for more details.


The United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has addressed the decision taken by government to halt the progress of education since the pandemic started.

The children’s organisation says closing schools should be the last thing that world leaders think about. It states that the future of children should come first as there is no assurances when the pandemic will finally be defeated.

The Activist organisation for children’s rights has criticised government for their lack of creative ways to prevent the Covid-19 spread. This comes after the organisation showed concern over the repeated closure of schools as a way to prevent infections.

UNICEF argues that its been 18 months since the arrival of the pandemic and new ways should have been developed already. They continued to say that the future of children is being ruined unnecessarily and new ways of thinking must be implemented.

The organisation condemns the online learning and says it’s for the privileged when the majority of poor children remain disadvantaged. UNICEF says government must find new ways that will not affect the future of children who can’t afford the online learning material.

UNICEF calls for schools to be opened as a matter of emergency as it affects the vulnerable children the most. The organisation insists that poor childrens' rights to education must be protected at all costs by governments.

UNICEF affirms that no children should be disadvantaged from getting education on the basis that they are poor. The organisation advise that governments must prevent the risks of children dropping out of schools as this may cause generational crisis.

The organisation is part of the Global Education Meeting that will be held on 13 July 2021 online from France to address the education crisis.

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