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Unemployment Stats in SA Released


Stats South Africa released the unemployment figures on Tuesday, days before the SONA is about to take place. The figures shown definitely caused an uproar in South Africans where little progress was shown. 

A few days ago, #unemployment was trending in South Africa. This comes after StatsSA released the unemployment figures for South Africa. The results has South Africans all over shaking their heads in disappointment and producing theories to support the information released. 

According to the statistics, South Africa's unemployment rate has not shown any decreases in the fourth quarter of 2019 and remains unchanged, for the first time since 2008. Unemployment remains at 29% which translates to 6.7 million people in South Africa acquiring no job. When expanding the definition of unemployment which sees people of working age but who have given up looking included, the figure is then 38.7% which relays to be 10.4 million unemployed people, reports eNCA. 

58.1% of youth, categorised between the ages of 15 and 24, are unemployed. Youth employment needs to be improved on. Job creation is vital for the future leaders of South Africa and therefore necessary action, more than talk, should be taken. 

It was also found that during festive season, which usually sees employment levels increase, saw more people being unemployed than usual and the job sector instead lost peeople. Employment in the informal sector declined by 77000 and remain unchanged in the Private sector. 

Another statistic that shocked South Africans was that of Black Africans. At 32.4%, the statistic for unemployed Black Africans stood higher than the national average. It was also seen that women had higher unemployment percentages shown than males did and Eastern Cape having the highest levels of unemployment.

South Africa's economy is suffering and restoration does not seem to be a reality for the near future with The Business Maverick reporting, "the working-age population is relentlessly swelling, while the economy is barely growing, if it is growing at all". 45000 people were employed in 2019 while 8000 people lost their jobs. 

Job losses are seen everyday and while being present in the age of technology, job creation is not a simple task. South Africa would need to engage in many policy changes. Within the unemployed figure of 6.7 million, 59% were without a matric qualification and those with matric, were found to occupy 34.7% of the unemployed figure. Therefore, there is a need for jobs to be created for those who remain without qualifications as they take up majority of the 6.7 million who remain unemployed. 


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