Umalusi Concerned About The Readiness Of Online Schools For Exams

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uMalusi says it is all systems go for the upcoming 2021 final matric exams set to begin in under ten days. But the quality assurance council has expressed concerns about the readiness of online schools for the exams.


Umalusi has approved the writing of matric exams for public and private schools. It has also assessed the readiness of schools to handle the large number of pupils expected to write the final exam. 

Umalusi's Lucky Ditaunyane says that all things considered, schools are adequately prepared for the upcoming final matric exam. 

Generally, we are happy with the different aspects of organising examinations that have been put in place by the assessment bodies. Things like the management of the exams, registrations of candidates, the management of school-based assessments, printing, packaging and distribution of question papers.

He adds that this year all the assessment bodies put in the necessary effort into ensuring that they do away with some of the challenges that affected the system last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Ditaunyane also stated that uMalusi is fully aware of the impact that the Covid-19 Pandemic had on learners, particularly as it relates to the losses incurred in teaching and learning. They also acknowledge the extra effort by teachers to prepare pupils for the exam.

The Senior Manager also added that a lot of thinking has gone into organising the exam, as it is a major undertaking for the Basic Education Department.

On the readiness of online schools, he said that the issue with them is that they are currently not regulated by the Department of Basic Education in the country. 

Ditaunyane says that the reason for this is because there is currently no legislation that guides the operation of online schools. However,  the process of crafting this regulation is currently underway. 

That process is underway as I speak to make sure that when parents take their children to register at online schools that there can be a sense of credibility in terms of online schools that are operating in the country. 

He also stated that parents should be aware that as time progresses all online schools will have to be legally accredited by uMalusi in order to operate, particularly those that are looking to offer the National Senior Certificate qualification.

He says that the process might take a bit of time but that if all parties involved work together they will be able to regulate the sector. 

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