Umalusi Approves Release Of IEB Matric Results

Umalusi, the quality assurance council for exam results, has approved the Independent Examination Board (IEB) National Senior Certificate (NSC) results for the Class of 2020. 


Umalusi has approved the release of the Independent Examination Board (IEB) National Senior Certificate (NSC) results of 2020. 

Umalusi is tasked with evaluating whether the examination results are credible and valid as they are the quality assurance council.

In a statement released by Umalusi, it read:

EXCO [Executive Council] is satisfied that there were no systematic irregularities reported which might have compromised the credibility and integrity of the November 2020 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations administered by the Independent Examinations Board (IEB).

With the IEB, 66 subjects were presented to be written in the 2020 NSC examinations. After being moderated, they concluded that for 46 of these subjects, the raw marks will be used and no adjustments will be made.

8 of these subjects will adjusted upwards and 12 will be adjusted downwards.

What this means is that when moderating and comparing to earlier question papers in the subject, they then have to decide whether the paper was fair. From here, they then decide whether the mark should be adjusted to be more or less to be fair.

Due to the leaks of the Physical Sciences Paper 2 and Mathematics Paper 2, Umalusi noted the following:

  • The IEB is required to block the results of candidates implicated in irregularities pending the outcome of further IEB investigations and Umalusi verification
  • The IEB must ensure that Umalusi is informed before new examination centres including examination centres outside the borders of South Africa are established
  • The IEB must address the directives for compliance and improvement highlighted in the Quality Assurance of Assessment report and submit an improvement plan by 26 March 2021

The investigation into the leakages has not been completed yet. Volmink warned that Umalusi can still nullify the certificates of candidates who are found guilty of leaking the two papers even after receiving their results.

The results of the General Education and Training Certificate: Adult Basic Education and Training results for 2020 were approved as well.

There were 7 learning areas presented. Of these, 2 will have their raw marks taken as is, 3 will be adjusted upwards and 2 will be adjusted downwards.

IEB Matric results will be released on 19 February.


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