Umalusi: All Systems Go For 2021 Matric Exams

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The quality assurance examination board, Umalusi says that everything is in place for the 2021 matric final examinations to take place and that strict measures have been put in place to protect the integrity of these examinations. 


The November 2021 final National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations are set to commence on 27 October 2021 and the quality assurance council, Umalusi says that all plans are in place and the system is ready for these examinations to take place. 

More than 800 000 candidates have registered to write the final NSC examinations at approximately 11 308 examination centres across the country, the last matric examination will be written on 6 December 2021.

Marking take place at 194 marking centres across the country and will commence on 8 December. According to Priscilla Ogunbanjo, the director of public exams, the marking is scheduled to be completed on 22 December 2021. 

At a briefing on Friday, 15 October the Umalusi CEO Mafu Rakometsi said the council has granted approval to private and public assessment bodies to administer the 2021 end-of-year national examinations.

Regardless of identified risks and shortcomings, I can report to the South African public that, in the main, our systems are ready to administer the 2021 final examinations. But Umalusi will be monitoring the conduct of the examinations to ensure full compliance with our regulations.

Rakometsi said that Umalusi is generally satisfied that all the assessment bodies are ready to undertake the huge task of administering the matric exams amid the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic brings. 

Umalusi conducts quality assurance of assessment to ensure that assessment leading to the award of certificates in schools, adult education centres and technical and vocational education and training colleges is of the required standard. This is in order to ensure that the certificates issued by Umalusi are credible. 

“The quality assurance process includes the following, extra moderation of question papers, moderation of school based assessment, monitoring of the state of readiness…education of marking and standardisation of examination results,” said Rakometsi. 

He said that, the public and independent assessment bodies have worked hard to ensure that their examination systems meet the standards set out in Umalusi's policy and directives regarding the administration, management and conduct of NSC examinations.

“As a Quality Council, Umalusi has fulfilled its role in monitoring and verifying the work of the following assessment bodies - Department of Basic Education (DBE), Independent Examinations Board (IEB), and the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI),” said the CEO. 

Umalusi says that it has continued to implement a Risk Management Based (RMB) approach as its strategy to assess the level of preparedness of the assessment bodies to conduct the NSC examinations. 

This strategy is used so that Umalusi is able to identify any risks that may compromise the delivery of credible examinations on time and advise the affected assessment bodies accordingly.

Umalusi has expressed their appreciation for the effort made by all the assessment bodies in putting systems in place to ensure the integrity of the NSC examinations is upheld. 

They have issued a stern warning to all parties involved in the NSC examinations regarding incidents of cheating that were reported last year. 

"Umalusi wishes to issue a stern warning to all learners and teachers to refrain from all forms of cheating, including paper leakages.

“We berate and condemn this criminal practice with the contempt it deserves. Cheating compromises the integrity of our national examination system, which we are mandated to jealously protect as a Quality Council,” the CEO said.

Rakometsi has wished the class of 2021 well for their final examinations. 

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