UFS Students Remain Unfunded Despite NSFAS Approval, says Congress

The South African Students Congress (SASCO) at the University of Free State say they won’t back down from the intimidation of law enforcement officers until NSFAS approved students are funded. Students aimed to shut down the campus this week.


In a conversation with Careers Portal, the South African Students Congress' (SASCO) National Organiser, Athenkosi Mabona, remained adamant that the University of the Free State is notoriously unsympathetic to poor students.

It's not NSFAS that is withholding funding for students, it’s the University of Free State. Students are told that the University is waiting for clearance from NSFAS.

Mabona told Careers Portal that all unfunded students were approved by NSFAS despite UFS isolating them. He added that the NSFAS CEO, Andile Nongogo, confirmed that the University has received funds for all NSFAS approved students.

The University usually pays the students' landlords directly for off-campus students or pays the funds to students' bank accounts, neither of these processes were done though NSFAS confirms to have paid funds to UFS, said SASCO.

It's said that over 28 000 students are currenrly facing the risk of eviction by their landlords for unpaid accommodation.

The off-campus students remain uncertain about their safety as SASCO accuses the UFS finance department of delaying the funding process.

Mabona told Careers Portal, as a matter of fact, that some of the students have been evicted from their private residences.

More victimisation is expected from the University as students will be ensuring that the UFS Bloemfontein Campus remains shut down until students' accommodation are paid, says Mabona.

Mabona upholds that the UFS is no stranger in victimising poor students for merely fighting for their rights. He also added that students leaders that were expelled by UFS have been reinstated as SASCO stood firm in fighting for students rights.

The SASCO Organiser expressed his disappointment while talking to Careers Portal saying that assessments have already started and many of the evicted students have been squatting illegally.

Mabona says communicating the issues facing students with the Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, hasn’t helped as the students struggle continues unmitigated.

SASCO also made a promise to students that they will continue the fight and further invite fellow students from other institutions to assist.

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