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UCT Students Will Be Allowed Back On Res

UCT will use a phased-in approach for the return of students and staff to campuses. In the plans for this, they also announced that students will be allowed back on residences during these phases.

The University of Cape Town (UCT) will use a phased-in approach for the return of staff and students to campuses. This involves four phases, which also sees the return of students to residences.

Phase 1 is for the return of Final Year Medical students. Screening and teaching plans are already in place and this will see students return to clinical platforms in hospitals. Student residences that can be used have been identified. 

Phase 2 sees the return of vulnerable students. Teams at the University will assess the levels of vulnerability and who will be allowed back. Students will return to residences. However, this does not mean face-to-face learning to take place but rather for students to have a place to continue remote learning and have tutorial support be provided. 

Phase 3 would have students who need to be on campus to complete the academic year return. This includes students who need labs, studios and correct study spaces to complete practical elements of assessments. 

Phase 4 is for the return of all other students at UCT. This will happen once circumstances permits it under guidance from national directives. 

UCT has continued paying staff salaries and staff will also gradually move from remote learning to continuing work on campuses again.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) will need to be put in place as staff and students return to campus. UCT will also consider age groups, different comorbidities and immunity. 

UCT has stated, "we need to ensure we can continue practicising social distancing, which means that we can't use all the beds in residence".

On 19 May, UCT SRC stated, "Phase one is underway. We continue to push for the urgent implementation of phase two, and we will update you on progress next week."

Read the full statement released by the University of Cape Town here


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