UCT SRC Circulates Survey On Mandatory Vaccinations

As many countries begin to implement restrictions on unvaccinated citizens, the thought of mandatory vaccinations grows stronger amongst both academic and medical professionals. With these sentiments around the vaccine being on the rise, the UCT Student Representative Council (SRC) has circulated a survey to gage UCT students’ thoughts on the matter.


On Monday, the 13 of September, the UCT SRC issued a statement on their social media, sharing that “over 130 of the university’s leading Professors and academics have endorsed a proposal for mandatory vaccinations at UCT”.

The idea behind the proposal enforces that for students to be able to register themselves for their academic studies, and for teachers to be able to perform their jobs in the year of 2022, a proof of vaccination will need to be provided. 

Before taking their own stance on the matter, the SRC issued their survey, stating that they could not formulate an opinion on the matter without interacting with the thoughts of the student body.

The survey, however, received mixed reviews on social media and through student action. Although many students worked to share the survey link, believing that this survey was the appropriate course of action from the SRC, others were vocal about their disappointment in the proposal of mandatory vaccinations.

Much of the students’ criticism was based around the fact that mandating vaccines would take away students’ bodily autonomy. Supporting these sentiments, there have been boards spotted on UCT’s Upper Campus expressing an opposition towards mandatory vaccinations. Even those who are pro-vaccination have been left on the fence about the matter. 

Speaking to some students who have already received their first vaccination dose, they noted that each student volunteering to receive the vaccine would indeed be the most helpful and responsible thing to do as we attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus. However, they were not extremely convinced that excluding students from their academic right in order to convince them to vaccinate, was the right way to do it.

The due date by which the survey was to be completed was Thursday, the 16th of September, but students are yet to hear of any progress on the matter. 


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