UCT Experiences Minimal Damage to Residences

UCT student have finally been able to return to their rooms to pick up their belongings that were not damaged by the fire. With minimal extreme damage, UCT students and staff are lucky to find that most of their belongings were unharmed.


University of Cape Town (UCT) students are safely returned to their residencies after assessing the damage done to their rooms and to check on their belongings.

Students of Fuller and Smut residences were finally able to return to their rooms to check the damage that had been done to their residence and pick up their undamaged belongings.

Thankfully only one room experienced extreme damage, while most other rooms only lost bedding, books, appliances and other similar items. One of the residences also, unfortunately lost their alarm system. 

UCT was lucky enough to evacuate all their students in time, with no one being fatally injured by the fire. The university also received a lot assistance from hotels and strangers all around the city that offered accommodation, storage space and meals for their students. 

Many students have said that the stay in the hotel was extremely stressful as they did not know whether their belongings were completely destroyed by the fire. One of the students explained: 

For the past four days, I haven't been able to do any course work. I was very worried and stressed about my belongings and what the next move will be.

They also said that there was a lot of misinformation around the damage experienced by Fuller House on social media, creating more stress and anxiety for the students that belonged to the residence. 

Once they returned their residencies the students were greeted with a warm welcome from staff and other students, to find that most of their belongings were safe from the fire.

The students have said to have mixed feeling about the evacuation process of UCT, saying it was unorganised, even though they have protocols in place for when disaster strikes. In these times of panic though, we cannot predict how we will respond but, thankfully all the students were safe and most of their belongings were saved.

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