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Two Days Left For Higher Education Minister To Respond To Student Demands

South African Union of Students also known as SAUS says the Minister of Higher Education has 2 days left to respond to the demands of students. They are representative of all Student Representative Councils across the country.

The South African Union of Students have said that they are only two days left for the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Dr Blade Nzimande to respond to their list of demands. 

The organisation comprises SRCs at post-school education facilities across the country and they have drawn up a challenging list of demands for the Minister.


1. Allocation of debt relief fund for clearance of student debts and all students with historical debts must be allowed to register.

2. Students must be given their academic records and certificates despite them owing universities.

3. Post-graduate students and B-Techs must be allowed to register. We are demanding postgraduate funding.

4. Correct accreditation process for private accommodation.

5. Free registration for vulnerable, poor and missing middle students.

6. Re- opening of NSFAS applications for new students and walk inns.

7. We demand revision of DHET bursary guidelines to include submissions made by SRC Presidents last year especially on off campus students allowances and free sanitary towels for womxm students.

8. Increase of enrollment quotas amidst the high pass matric rate of 83.1 %.

9. A clear implementation plan for student Mental health, safety and security in campuses.

10. We demand the inclusion of UNISA in all allowances.

11. DHET must address the shortage of student accommodation, decaying infrastructure for teaching and learning.

12. Expedite the NSFAS appeals process and elimination of n+1 and reinstatement of n+2 rule.

13. Food security for hungry poor students who are unfunded.

14. Improving the central application process and redesign the CACH to avoid excluding students.

15. Fees must fall in all universities that increased fees without consultation with the SRC.


The union has said they they are ready for anything if the above demands are not attended as a matter of urgency.

This image was taken off the SAUS Facebook page.


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