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TVET College Students To Return To Campus In June


Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education, held a briefing where he announced the new academic calendar for TVET students. Here, he specified which programmes will have students return to campuses and the dates for when this will take place. 

The Minister of Higher Education held a briefing and announced that TVET College students will return to campuses in June.

A new academic calendar has been drawn up and the following prorgrammes will see students return to campuses on the following dates:

NATED Trimester for Engineering students

  • N6 & N3 10 June
  • N5 & N2 15 June
  • N4 & N1 22 June

NATED Semester for Business Studies students

  • N6 25 June
  • N5 29 June
  • N4 6 July

NC(V) students

  • Level 4 13 July
  • Level 3 20 July
  • Level 2 27 July

TVET College students are encouraged to visit sites where content is available to prepare for exams. 

Learning materials are available for students through TV and radio broadcasts and content is available on the Department website. 

Textbooks, e-Guides, past question papers and YouTube videos are available for students to use as well. 


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