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Thousands Of Screenings Done On Campuses


Nzimande has reported that with Health Check, a screening app, hundreds of thousands of screenings have taken place at campuses across South Africa as students are welcomed back in a phased approach. 


Higher Health has developed a tool called Health Check which enables students and staff to screen for Covid-19 before entering campuses. This sees them check Covid-19 risks and symptoms every day. 

For those who can't access Health Check, screening stations are set up at campuses at multiple points. 

Since being launched around 20 days ago, Health Check has carried out over 600,000 screenings across Higher Education in South Africa. 

It's being observed that majority of the users of Health Check are in the low-risk category and rounds to about 95%, says Nzimande. The other 5% who fell in the moderate/higher risk category were immediately placed in self-isolation to control the spread of the virus. 

80% of users are 18-40 years old and following that, a fifth of users are aged between 40 and 65 years old. 

Nzimande stated, "We working close to monitor the situation in our sector, the extent of the spread of the virus and the activities that are being taken by our institutions and we'll do our best to try and regularly update te country and the nation on the situation as it develops in our post school education and training sector".




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