Thousands of Learners Are Still Not in School

Western Cape are still dealing with thousand of learners who have not been placed in schools. The Western Cape Department of education are uncertain on what to do about the situation, while the Legal Resource Centre is working to uncover the reason behind the learner still being unplaced


Western Cape are still dealing with thousands of learners who are still not placed into a schools and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) are unsure how to deal with the situation. 

Since recorded on the 14th of March, there are still 3 786 students who remain unplaced. 

Amy-Leigh Payne, from the Legal Resource Centre, says that the WCED are not communicating on there future plan.

 We have sent out a letter requesting what plans they are putting into place moving forwards.

The unplaced learners are spread across the Western Cape and from various grades, but the most common grade seems to be grade 8.

The department is blaming the large number learners that have migrated from the Northern Cape and the Eastern Cape.

Research shows that none of the unplaced learners have been making use of any alternative learning resources and are simply just staying at home 

As the term is soon to end, learners will be missing out on and entire three month of schooling, meaning it would be harder for them to catch up when eventually getting placed.

Legal Resource Centre is currently working to determine what the reason behind the individuals lack of placing is but are not find that to be an easy mission.

They are offering assistance to all parents with unplaced children, if you need assistance you can email them at 

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