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This Is What Going Back To Campus Will Look Like


Plans and dates for students' return to campuses have been announced. Government has set out to have many measures in place for this return and this is what it will be like when you return to campus. 

The Department of Higher Education and the Department of Health have been working to ensure campuses are ready for students to come back. This entails having masks ready, setting rules for physical distancing as well as having screening in place at multiple points. 

The Minister of Higher Education has deployed Higher Health to ensure campuses are ready. 

It has been ruled that students and staff who have comorbidities which makes them vulnerable to Covid-19 should stay at home and arrange for work to be done from home.

Institutions aim to provide personal protective equipment such as face masks for thousands of staff and students, as well as campus cleaning staff and security. Cloth masks will have to be worn on campuses at all times. 

Routine cleaning of classrooms, residences and offices will happen. Disinfection for any reason, even a suspicion of infection, will take place.

Daily screenings will also take place. For this to happen, technologies will be used. They have developed an application called 'Health Check'  which can be used on all devices. All staff and students will have to conduct screenings before entering campuses. This application will be available through:

These screenings will take about two minutes. You will then be told which level of risk you're on (low, medium, high) and from this you will be told if you should self-isolate or not, the criteria for testing should you need to and if you should seek emergency care. Should you get a medium or high result, you will need to self-isolate. 

Screening stations will be set up on campus at entrances for those who can't screen themselves through the app due to not having access to it. 

A member from Higher Health said, "Where we have institutions that are based in a town, where we share multiple entry points, can we go with other action points like class-based screening, can we develop rowing teams of screenings on a daily basis for students and staff as well as contractors and other service providers coming inside. We're also now putting in a rigorous process of residence-based screening, where students will be coming on to accommodations, both private or our own residence programmes." 

If a student or staff member is to be Covid+, protocols have been set and will be followed. Psychosocial and mental health support will be available to those on campus as well. 

Students volunteers have also been recruited and trained and will assist on campuses with carrying out protocols. Every institution will also have a Covid-19 task team to work towards saving the lives of students.

Academic, senior management, student support staff at Universities and TVET Colleges have been trained to deal with the new normal on campuses. Students will be educated on Covid-19 as Higher Health sees it as critical and has set up curriculums around Covid-19. 

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