This Is The Final Matric Exam Timetable

More than 1.1 million grade 12 learners are expected to sit down to write the 2020 combined matric exam. Schools have lost a lot of teaching time since they first closed on 18 March 2020. Many changes have been made to the school calendar, and now the final combined June and November exam timetable has now been released.

Now finally the Matric learners of 2020 can plan their persona end of year exam timetable.

The June and November exams have been combined to give schools enough time to catch up with the curriculum. The exams will start on Thursday 5 November and end on Tuesday 15 December. 

This new calendar replaces the calendar that the department released in March 2020.

"Candidates are once again reminded that this is a combined examination which implies that all candidates that were scheduled to write the Senior Certificate examination in May/June 2020 will be allowed to write this examination."

The department said all candidates who are registered to write the exam will get an admission letter in September. This letter will list all of the subjects they are registered for and it will also give information about the exam centres exams will be written in. 

The results for the final exams will be released on 23 February 2021. Although results are being released later than usual, the department has said this will not affect chances of securing a spot at a Higher Education Institutions.

"The Minister wishes to reassure all Grade 12 learners that they will be fully supported in their preparations leading to the writing of 2020 Grade 12 examinations, despite the challenges that this year has presented."

The department is no longer accepting registrations for the final exams, as registrations have now closed. 

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