The Dept Will Soon Roll Out a Bullying Prevention Campaign

Over the last week the educational sector of South Africa has been facing many different challenges. From school bullying to nutritional programme to infrastructure, schools have been facing a lot. Here we have all you need to know on the top stories of the educational sector in South Africa.


Over the last week many things have been taking place in the educational sector of South Africa. From  school bullying prevention to matric autumn classes, here are the top stories of the week.

School bullying

School bullying has been an ongoing issue in South Africa, and recently it seems to only be getting worse.

The Department of Education will soon be rolling out bullying prevention campaign, starting in Gauteng and going into other provinces, identifying all the hotspot areas where bullying is taking place.

Until then there are e-safety guidelines available for students, teachers and parents on how to deal with bullying in school. 

School bullying is something that many children have to face, this effects their performance at school and can cause life long trauma if not dealt with accordingly. Schools are in need to pay attention to the signs of bullying and focus on assisting learners who are struggling with this issue.

School nutritional programmes 

School nutritional programmes have been feeding 9 million students yearly, even through the the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Department of Education has a court order in place that state that regardless of whether or not learners are attending school they have to provide meals and ever since the programme has started, has is been great successful.

Due to the rotational timetable that is in place students have been attending school less but, the meals still remain available to them. They are welcome to use the scholar transport to collect their meals or eat it at the school.

Students who don't attend the school but, are from the community also benefit from the nutritional programme.

Though there has been challenges faced by many schools due to the pandemic and the rotational time table, schools have been making the effort to provide their learners with nutritional meals to help them focus and keep their energy up throughout the school day.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, food parcels have been included in the nutritional programme of some schools, supporting learners and their families through these tough times. 

School infrastructure 

School infrastructure project has remained to be a problem in South Africa. There has been many project delays and funding issues around the projects. 

Deputy Minister of Basic Education, Dr Reginah Maule, states that this will change in the new financial year. 

Many projects now are towards the completion stage

Says Minister Maule. 

This year they intend to speed up the process and get as many schools done as possible. 

Free State however is still depending on school infrastructure grants given by the government as they lack their own funding.

They are still dealing with overcrowded schools, damaged schools, and a lack of special schools. They wish for these issues to be dealt with soon so that their learners can receive the kind of education they deserve.

Portfolio Committee member says they don't wish to blame anyone but, they prefer that we all work together to overcome the challenges and create a better learning environment for the pupils of South Africa.

Matric Autumn camps

Many schools have implement a matric Autumn camp to assist matric learners with their success in exiting high school. 

The leaners are said to take extra classes in the mornings and afternoons on weekdays and soon they will be implement extra classes on weekend.

Many leaners have expressed their unhappiness towards extra schooling but understand that it is essential for their futures.

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