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TETA Skills Summit Launched

Buti Manamela

The Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Buti Manamela launched the inaugural TETA Skills Summit at Birchwood Hotel in Boskburg Under the theme; “driving innovative and transformative skills development initiatives bringing sustainable economic growth with global impact”

TETA Skills Summit Launched

The Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Buti Manamela noted as saying that the Skills Summit must identify practical steps, to confront the challenge of the youth unemployment, which stands at 54.7% for the ages between 15-24 years and 33% for the ages between 25-35 years by the fourth quarter of 2018.

The transport sector has entered a global transformation that is characterized by the convergence of digital, physical, and biological technologies in ways that are changing both the world around us and our very idea of what it means to be human.

This Skills Summit will have not completed its work, if does not reflect on addressing the matter of the fourth industrial revolution skills with practical solutions.

Studies show that the 4IR can automate 10%-18% jobs and many other new jobs will be created, hence we need to embrace the fourth industrial revolution with all our hands. 

Transport SETA currently has working relationship with Universities, Private Training Providers and TVET colleges based on areas of priority identified by the relevant parties, such as bursaries, lecturer development, capacity building and accreditation support. 

Article Source: DHET

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