Teaching Assistant Programme Might Get Extended


There have been talks about a possible extension for the teachers assistant program. Teacher are eager for the assistants to remain.


As the school assistant contracts are coming to an end, school are concerned about how they will cope without the extra help.

The assistant program has been extremely helpful for schools all over the country as it allows for learning to happen more smoothly.

R7 billion was allocated to fund the teachers assistant program and unfortunately the Department of Education cant afford to fund it further. 

Mpho Motsoane, school principle expressed how smoothly things have been running since the assistant program started. She said: 

There would be someone doing all the printing and the next morning, everything is prepared and ready for the school day.

The assistants have not only been helpful for the teachers but, also for the learners. The learner that require more assistance can be focused on without any valuable time being lost. Some teaching assistants even provide extra classes to students who need help.

Many teachers have expressed how they would love the assistants to stay because, it benefits the school but, the Department is still in struggling to find the funding. 

Assistants have mentioned how big of a learning curve it has been being able to work at the school. getting to first hand see the struggles teachers go through when they have no one to assist them. 

The Department is still trying to decide whether they will renew the program and come up with the funding, but until then the program is due to end very soon.

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