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Teachers Union Taking Government To Court

The Educators Union of South Africa is taking government to court to stop the Department of Basic Education's plans to reopen schools on 1 June.



Siphiwe Mpungose, general secretary of the Educators Union, feels that schools are not safe enough for teachers and learners to return. 

According to Mpungose, the Union is taking the initiative to defend the defenceless and claims that Minister Motshekga is "attempting genocide by deploying learners and teachers"

In her address to the public, Minister Motshekga explained the plans that the department had for the reopening of schools. She mentioned how the Department of Basic Education had been consulting with teacher unions and that the department had met the requirements put forward by these unions for schools to reopen. 

Mpungose now says the Motshekga's department has only met one out of the fifteen requirements that teacher unions had put forward.

This requirement is that all teachers and students should be provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). With just a few days until schools reopen, there are some schools that still do not have PPE.

"The government is lying. KZN MEC was lying. 21 schools don't have PPE"

In addition to this, Mpungose does not feel that PPE is enough, as he pointed out that PPE does not guaranteed the safety of learners and teachers 

Mpungose does not trust the government to deliver on its promise to provide PPE to all schools by 1 June. "Government has failed to even deliver textbooks on time. They cannot deliver in 1 week". 

The Educators Union will continue to take action against the government, as it aims to protect the safety of all teachers and learners.




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