Teachers Union Supports Reopening of Schools with Uncertainty

South African schools are set to reopen to start with their second term of the 2021 academic year. Schools were forced to close due to Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of alert level 4 lockdown restrictions, continue to read for more.


The Education sector is set to open schools on 26 July 2021 to start with their second term of the 2021 academic year. Schools had to close early in the first term due to alert level 4 restrictions that President Cyril Ramaphosa announced.  

The school reopening comes after South Africa witnessed disruptions of looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng Provinces.

Its still unclear if the vaccination campaign of teachers will continue in parts of the country where looting took place.

The South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) Spokesperson, Nomusa Cembi, seems confident that more teachers had received their vaccine:

Only a smaller number of teachers that are not vaccinated and others had their personal and religious or disinformation reasons. More than 500 000 teachers were vaccinated, and we feel that the majority of teachers will be protected against the virus.

SADTU however mentioned that there is still uncertainty about the reopening of schools because of the disruptions in the Vaccination Programme.

The country saw some of the vaccination sites in parts of KZN and Gauteng destroyed and looted of it's vaccines and working equipment. Cembi also stated that even some schools were affected by looting.

The teachers union affirms that the vaccine is safe and encourages people to take the vaccine for their protection.

Though SADTU is still concerned about the safety of schools reopening, they also encourage and support the reopening of schools next Monday.

The mixed reactions by the union sends a clear message that the Education sector is not ready to open the schools next week.

The reopening date has already been confirmed and communicated with the teachers, says the Union. From Grade R to 12, all public schools will reopen on 26 July. 

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