Study Shows TVET Students Suffered Most During Lockdown

Study Shows TVET Students Suffered Most During Lockdown

A study done by the Human Sciences Research Council showed that TVET College students suffered immensely when the country was placed under heavy lockdown. The lockdown saw students forced to stay at home and adjust to online learning.


TVET College students need a great rescue and have always been left in the shadows. The National Lockdown has made this even worse with a study done by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) revealing some distressing statistics.

On Monday morning, the HSRC presented the results of a study on the impact of Covid-19 on students in the higher education sector, at CPUT's Bellville Campus.

Prof Sibusiso Sifunda, Chief Researcher at the HSRC, said that during the lockdown period, only 38% of TVET students were able to learn through an online learning programme and that 15% of students did not have access to the internet.

Another devastating statistic was that 66% of TVET students found it difficult to communicate with their College with only 16% of the TVET students who participated in the survey saying they received online learning support.

6% of these students were provided with laptops and 8% were given free data bundles. The HSRC then recommended, from it's findings, that data bundles should become more accessible to students.

Of those that participated in the study, only 12% of the TVET students were provided with data free access to online learning platforms and College websites.

However, the study did reveal that more TVET students were receiving transport home from campuses and were given fee refunds.

9% of TVET students also said that they received a discount on their tuition fees, which is not that big of a number seeing that all TVET students were affected.

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