Students Urged To Give Correct Information To Receive Free Data


Due to Covid-19, many academic programmes have moved online for students. Government has acknowledged that not all students have access to data and is therefore stepping in to solve this problem.

Minister Nzimande from the Higher Education and Training Sector, addressed the department’s plans for the 2020 academic year for universities. Their aim is to do all they can to complete the 2020 academic year.

In trying to make education work and resume during lockdown, the educational departments have acknowledged that a struggle prevails in trying to do so due to poverty, inequality and unemployment.

Government is working to secure a universal access deal with major mobile network operator around data and connectivity to support remote learning and are nearly at the end of closing this deal. They are also working to ensure that students are provided with instructional materials along with devices.

Nzimande has said, “I would like to appeal to all students that they urgently register their correct numbers, mostly cellphone numbers, with their institutions so that when we finalise the educational rate for data, we can load it to the correct numbers.” They will also be using other means to reach students who are not connected to the internet.

He has also stated, “No single student or institution will be left behind in our strategy.”


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