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Students React to #SONA2020


Yesterday, Cyril Ramaphosa addressed student issues and needs during the State of the Nation Address. Now, students take to social media to react. 


During The State of The Nation Address yesterday, Cyril Ramaphosa included statements pertaining to the future of students in South Africa. They were as follows:

1. University of Ekhuruleni for Science and Innovation to be built, focusing on scarce skills as it's the only metro in our country that does not have a university. 

2. Nine TVET college campuses to be built in the next financial year.

3. Government to spend R64 billion over the next few year on student accommodation.

4. A total of 720 000 students received state funding in TVET colleges and Universities in 2020 academic year.

5. R64 billion will be spent over the next few years in student accommodation and will leverage at least another R64 billion in private investment

It was also announced that this year, NSFAS will be providing R34.5 billion in funding to students from poor and working-class families studying at public TVET colleges and universities.

Issues that are top of mind for the students include load shedding, safety of women and an update on whether promises made in the past have been met. Students all over South Africa have been reacting to the #SONA20, which saw Ramaphosa be assisted by Sinoyolo Qumba, a school student, to compose the speech. 

Concerning the construction of a university in Ekurhuleni, one student felt that this was actually a bad idea as some students who would attend would be coming from rural communities. It's expected for the new university to be expensive and this could pose a challenge to these students. Other students believe that after many years, one university being built is not enough and are not optimistic about the process and duration of construction. However, residents and young individuals of Ekurhuleni are overjoyed by this news. 

Some students have expressed feelings of unhappiness as no solution to the crisis at UKZN was discussed and they then expressed concern that government does not care about student's needs. Students, along with the rest of South Africa, are in hopes that Ramaphosa delivers on his promises as they see him as simply retelling old ideas and promises that were not fulfilled before. The country's population of young adults yearn for more assurance from government to have more confidence in their ability to deliver positive outcomes. 

As student accommodation remains a massive problem in South Africa, government taking action and funding the problem should hopefully have students engaged in less anger and have the issue of homelessness among students reduced. An abundance of action would need to be taken to solve this problem. However, South Africa's current plans and progress could hopefully see it be a reality one day if they deliver what they promise to the students of South Africa. 




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