Students Get Caught Cheating At Wits


Students were caught cheating at Wits in a WhatsApp group and are now set to have hearings with the University's disciplinary committee. This has lead Wits to implement many changes to their assessment protocols. 

Students from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) are set to appear for a hearing in front of Wits' disciplinary committee after getting caught cheating. These students circulated tests answers and online assessment answers in a WhatsApp group chat.

Universities have had to use online learning to save the academic year. Institutions have even gone as far as distributing laptops and data to students so that they have access to online learning and teaching methods. 

The first group of students who were caught cheating were second year Finance students who were sharing answers to an online test on 6 May on a WhatsApp group chat with over 100 students. 

A student who is a part of the group chat that spoke anonymously confirmed that answers were shared during the test but she only saw them after she completed the test. 

As to how Wits is dealing with this situation, they have invalidated the test and scheduled a rewrite that will see additional security measures being used.

Another cheating situation was seen with International Relation students who cheated on two assessments, an online test on 12 May and an online assignment on 15 May. 

Students will not be expected to sign an online pledge where they pledge that they are submitting their own work and won't cheat. 

Wits will also be implementing new measures such as:

  • Spot checks through oral tests conducted through online meetings
  • Shuffling the order of questions for every student
  • Randomising questions
  • Some assignments will be handwritten and a picture of it will be sent and the test will have to be completed in one sitting that's timed

Wits SRC president Thuto Gabaphethe said, "Let us understand that this is a difficult time for students and if they are able to substantiate why they did it we will understand. Maybe they were overwhelmed with assessments or tests because the university had promised to reduce the number of tests". 

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