Students Concerned About The State Of South Africa

Concerns have risen amidst the Covid-19 pandemic as youth unemployment stats have increased. These are uncertain times and people have been looking for alternatives that might change their lives, forever.


According to the Professional Provident Society (PPS) survey, 51% of students are worried about the condition of South Africa’s future due to corruption, unemployment, and the economic devastation that were the detrimental impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The study was conducted from 2015 ‘till 2021 (in 2020 no research was done because of Covid-19).

“However, many students choose to see the silver lining and are determined to grab the opportunities presented by these challenges,” says Motshabi Nomvethe, Head of Technical Marketing at PPS, during the announcement of the 2021 Student Confidence Index (SCI) survey.

The students felt that broadening their horizons by working overseas gives them a better chance of success in their careers whilst those who want to stay behind mention how they want to aid in building the economy as SA is in need of critical skills.

The economic migration happening in our country is triggered by the fact that people want greener pastures and believe that the grass is greener in some other places.

There’s a constant growth of students who have taken up space in entrepreneurship and have a side-hustle, meaning that they have multiple income streams.

The pandemic has changed our lives tremendously, introducing e-learning that was a challenge to students who were battling with expensive data, lack of resources, and intermittent connection.

Regarding students' feelings about the country’s future in the past five years, 39% of respondents are not positive, while 41% say they are uncertain.

Low standards of education, crime, and the lack of political intervention are some of the many things that are right at the top of their list of worries.

“For employers, the survey implies that human resources policies must be adjusted to allow for globally mobile and entrepreneurial graduates. Also, future job seekers will be better prepared for the hybrid world of work where some work online and others physically in the office,” said Nomvethe.

The world of work has evolved and it’s time for everyone to join in.


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