Students At Res Are Running Out of Food - Union

Students At Res Are Running Out of Food - Union

Some students were left stranded due to their residence being set on fire while other students go hungry, all due to the current looting activities occurring in the country. The South African Union of Students has now spoken out against the violence.


In Kwazulu-Natal, there are students stranded due to their residences being set alight while other students go hungry, including those in Gauteng. This is all due to the outbreaks of violence happening in Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng.

The South African Union of Students (SAUS) said that there has already been reports of students in communal residences who have run out of food products, "due to the insufficiency of supplies caused by the looting of stores and warehouses".

In a statement the Union released addressing the destruction of residence, they said:

The South African Union of Students would like to categorically condemn the torching and destruction of student residences and schooling infrastructure. There is absolutely no plausible justification for anyone to destroy public infrastructure that is meant for the use and benefit of all citizens.

The South African Congress of Students said that there were two residences set alight with the following video being shared on social media which reportedly shows a student residence on fire:

SAUS has said that they do not yet know who was responsible for the torching of residences or why they did it but commented, "we want to pungently condemn the recent acts of rampant looting and criminality that have flared up across the country."

Amongst the apex priorities for the Union has been the raging levels of food insecurity and the lack of decent student accommodation amongst our students, of which we have been extensively working on eradicating, therefore we must guard against criminals that are exploiting the vulnerability of our poverty-stricken communities by misleading them towards acts of destruction and criminality, hence undermining our efforts.

They continued to call on members of the communities to refrain from looting, destruction of property and all other forms of criminality which we currently see happening in the two provinces.

The Union also called on law enforcement agencies to do what they can to restore order saying that they "support the use of minimal force and under absolutely no circumstances should the use of live ammunition be employed, or any actions that might bring about serve injuries or fatalities".

Students from Mangosuthu University were seen making efforts to clean up streets which were destroyed and left in a chaotic state from looting activities. More students are now being encouraged to clean up, rebuild and restore calm and stability.


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