Students Ask Unisa To Re-Open Campus

Students Ask Unisa To Re-Open Campus

The National Student Representative Council of Unisa has requested that the university re-open dispatch to students, so that they may be able to collect their study resources on campus.


It has come to light that many students have not received their stationery as they were either sent to the wrong address or not delivered at all. When these students tried to contact the university about these developments there was no response to their emails or phone calls.

After Unisa students vented their frustrations, via social media, over delays in deliveries by courier companies that were contracted to the university, the NSRC requested that Unisa re-open dispatch to its students.

Shatadi Phoshoko, the Secretary-General of NSRC at Unisa, believes that it is unacceptable that these students have had to wait so long to receive their study resources, which is why they have asked the university to allow students to collect them from the Unisa campus.

Phoshoko pointed out that the 2021 academic year has begun and students still do not have their resources which makes it difficult for them to keep up with their lectures and causes them to be unprepared for assessments.

The NSRC has also requested that Unisa reopen campus so that enquires may be addressed in person. This solves the problem of university students not being able to get in touch with Unisa.

The Secretary-General of the NSRC stated that a new system will be put in place to allow easy communication between students and Unisa staff.

Unisa has introduced a centralised toll-free number for students to call if they have any enquiries. Students are welcome to call 0800 00 1870.

Click here to access other contact details for Unisa faculties and departments.

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