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Students Are Impatiently Waiting To Return To Campuses


In his last media briefing, Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande addressed students who want to return to campuses as well as parents concerned about students returning. Nzimande is determined to save lives while also saving the 2020 academic year. 

Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education, wants students who want to return to campuses to be patient and to think in terms of saving lives. 

The Minister clarified that as we move to lower levels of lockdown, more students will be allowed to return to campuses. For level 3, he stated that, "There will be some University students who will be able to start going to University but they will not be over 33%".

For level 33% of students will go back. Level 2 will see a total of 66% of the student body on campuses and when we reach level 1, only then will all students be allowed back on campuses. Students will be heading back to campuses only two to three weeks after the level is announced by the President to make time for adequate preparation. 

To parents, Nzimande wanted to make it clear that not all students will return to save the lives of students, lecturers and workers on campuses. 

Nzimande has acknowledged that there are many students asking the question of when they'll be allowed to return but wants students to know that the return will not be as soon as students might want as it poses a risk to everyone on campus. He says, "We have a big responsibility to look after the lives of people. Students can only return if we can do all we can to ensure their safety."

The Minister also encouraged students to remind any of their peers who are demanding a return to campuses that they can't because lives need to be saved. He says students should, "Let them know they shouldn't believe anything and everything that they hear. Speak to them nicely, let them know."

He confirmed that NSFAS students from Universities and TVET Colleges will be receiving devices to make e-learning accessible. 

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