Students and Staff To Be Screened For Covid-19 On Campus

Higher Education institutions will see many changes on campus both externally and internally. Minister Nzimande addressed these changes as he discussed the direction higher education would take due to the coronavirus global pandemic.

South Africa is experiencing a situation it has never been close to before. As a result, many drastic measures had to be taken as South Africa steps up to the challenge. Minister Nzimande of Higher Education addressed the changes to higher education in South Africa.

On 15 March, Covid-19 was declared a National Disaster in South Africa by President Cyril Ramaphosa. Due to this, all post-school institutions had their doors temporarily closed and academic activities suspended as a means to contain the spread of the virus and to protect staff and students.

During May, campuses will start preparing for the eventual return of staff and students. These preparations will include deep cleaning and bio-safety protocols. Cleaning materials and personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks will be provided to those on campus. Government will be calling on services from small and medium enterprises so that as Nzimande has said, “ordinary people can participate and can benefit where possible”.

Protocols that are to be put in place ‘once conditions permit’ will be:

  • Maintenance of physical distance
  • Access to hand sanitisers and masks
  • Continual deep cleaning of facilities
  • Screening and testing of staff and students
  • Environmental cleaning of campuses and residences
  • Provisional mental health support and other forms of necessary support

Government has also gone as far as securing possible relief structures or emergency funding to public institutions that are in distress.


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