Student Demands at UKZN Yet To Be Met

UKZN has still not had a moment of reconciliation between management and students in the midst of continuing protest action. Further memorandums have been issued to management as students become louder in addressing their demands. Registration has been extended. 

SRC members and students have vowed to escalate their pleas to get management to change policies that have students struggling. The SRC has stated that "the university is victimising students" and are criticising the university in saying that their promises are followed by excuses. The University however sees this as a critical time for students and retain their 15% historic debt rule. The university's shutdown continues until further notice. 

Yesterday, the SRC along with students engaged in a protest where they delivered a memorandum containing their demands to the representatives of Mayor Mxolisi Kaunda at Durban City Hall. Included in this memorandum is the wish of students wanting funding and support for missing middle students. 

"University management is essentially a matter of inflexibility or narrow-mindedness on one or both sides and that the disruption could have been avoided had the parties come to an early, sensible compromise on their positions. The reality is less simple and more impacted", said UKZN  Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof. Nana Poku. 

UKZN students are planning to have their voices be heard nationwide and have neighbouring university students join them in their fight to have the historic debt rule be terminated after stating that the university has not followed a declaration by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Blade Nzimande. 

"Our stance is not a negotiating bluff – it is an honest depiction of hard circumstances which we cannot evade", says Professor Nana Poku.

When asked about the SRC's displeasure with being excluded from an earlier meeting, Nzimande said, "I want to just make it clear that there were no students who were excluded from my meeting with management because the students were never gonna be there in the first place." UKZN Executives are to meet with Nzimande on Monday. 

UKZN registration has been extended to the 6th of March. 

Feature in Daily News by UKZN Vice-Chancellor and Principal

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