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Stricter Lockdown Will Be Enforced In Gauteng


To be able to cope with the expected surge in Covid cases, Gauteng is now looking at an intermittent lockdown which would see the province have an on and off lockdown. 

Health Minister Mkhize has stated that Gauteng is likely to see a surge in cases and be the highest province in terms of cases. To guard against this and to prepare for the rise in cases, Gauteng might be under an intermittent lockdown. This will see parts of the economy open for some periods of time and then under lockdown for other periods of time. 

This lockdown would be stricter than experienced in other parts of the country. On the intermittent lockdown, Gauteng Health MEC Dr Bandile Masuku says, "It has helped in other countries and the literature has shown that it could be one of the options. It is matter that it is under discussion and we are actually considering it going forward."

Gauteng's rise in cases, according to Mkhize, is due to inward migration, more people getting together and having gatherings, the province's large population and the neglect of practices such as social distancing and wearing masks. 

Masuku stated, "Our biggest areas of concern still remain the shopping malls and the CBD because the high movements are a high risk of transmission" and that this surge is because, "people are now deliberately organising parties and weddings which is something we are discouraging".

The province is currently looking to provide more health resources and acquire more beds but is prepared as far as ventilators go. 

As of 28 June, Gauteng had a total of 36,895 confirmed cases with a death toll that stands at 174. The country is expected to see a massive climb in cases in July and August due to it being winter. 


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