Stranded SA Students Finally Home From Cuba

A group of medical students were appealing for help as they found themselves stranded in Cuba. Now, they've finally touched back on South African soil to their families' and their relief.


There were a number of South African medical students who were stranded in Cuba after heading there to study further. They have now returned home to South Africa.

Students have also said that they didn't receive their stipends for two months. This is said to be due to a breakdown in communication and blockages.

Students were struggling to the point of having to sell their belongings to survive as the stipend is usually used to buy groceries and basic essentials.

The stipends were supposed to come from South Africa's Department of Health through the embassy.

It's said that the individual in charge of communication between the two countries was not doing their job which even lead to fights.

No answers have been received from the Department of Health on the issue.

These students left South Africa to go study medicine in Cuba about five years ago as part of an agreement between South Africa and Cuba.

They only came back to South Africa once, three years ago.

Students who came back, after much struggle, are concerned about those who stay behind.

The students where due to come back home on the 24 & 25 of July according to government reports as many of them completed their first-year studies.

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