South Africans Warned To Be Good Or Alcohol Ban Will Return

The alcohol ban has been lifted and South Africans have definitely been in a better mood since. However, this didn't come without strict instructions. South Africans have been warned by Government to be careful and behave or else the ban might come back.

South Africans have been warned to behave now that the alcohol ban is no longer there and if the are not going to, Government could put the ban back in place. After so much fighting and screaming about the ban, it definitely is not what anyone would want to happen.

It was also said that should it show that people are behaving recklessly, the ban would come back. This could look like people disobeying curfew, driving drunk, abusing alcohol, holding parties, etc. If a second wave of the virus sweeps South Africa, the ban could also become a possibility then.

KwaZulu-Natal Premier, Sihle Zikalala, has said that government will not hesitate to reimpose the alcohol ban should this happen and that "This is a deadly virus, everyone must adhere to all requirements." He also said that they are still dealing with individuals who went against the lockdown regulations in the Province. 

“If we allow that to happen, the government will not hesitate to reinstate the ban on alcohol, and bring back a lot of other restrictions," explained Zikalala.

He further added that:

So, once again, whether or not alcohol remains available for sale is in your hands. If we see more infections, more accidents, shootings and stabbings, we will take away alcohol.

It was feared that Kwazulu-Natal was seeing a surge in cases but the Premier said they are seeing a decrease in cases now. He does however urge the public that this move to Level 2 "should not make us complacent to think that the risk posed by the virus is no more" and that is important that we all still follow the rules and do what we need to do.

Zikalala said:

We must emphasise though that, in terms of the overall numbers, it is evidently clear that KZN is at its peak in terms of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kwazulu-Natal is said to have lost R30 billion but this level 2 will help aid that major shift in the economy. “The opening up of the economy is, indeed, great news because it means more businesses will now have the opportunity to save more jobs and prevent the disaster that has befallen those who were forced to close down their operations," said Zikalala.

It is also important to make sure that the health care facilities are protected and that this unbanning of alcohol is not an excuse for people to go back to their old habits, noted the Premier.

“It is not an opportunity for them to get drunk, and then beat up women and children,” he said.


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