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South Africans Want Lockdown To End


#endthelockdownSA was trending on social media today. This comes ater President Ramaphosa announced further easing of lockdown regualtions. Now South Africans are wanting Government to put an end to lockdown. 

Today we saw #endthelockdownSA trend on social media with many South Africans saying that Cyril Ramaphosa should end lockdown after easing regulations.

With school reopening, the alcohol ban being lifted and religious gatherings with a maximum of 50 people being allowed, South Africans are saying this all will affect the numbers negatively and therefore makes saying we're under lockdown useless. 

Many are also not happy with lockdown rules and miss their freedoms. With over two months under lockdown, this comes as no surprise. Many South Africans are also choosing to ignore the ruling for Level 3 and continue as it's Level 5. 

Yesterday, Cyril Ramaphosa ruled that we are allowed to attend religious gatherings where a maximum of 50 people are allowed to attend. However, South Africans are not happy with this and are questioning his judgements. One South African said, "if we can drink booze at home surely we can worship at home". #ChurchIsNotEssential started trending as well. 

With the alcohol ban being lifted, this also gives way for further a further increase in infections. Many South Africans have disobeyed the lockdown regulations and many are of the opinion that granting South African access to alcohol will have this be heightened and tempt them to want to indulge in alcohol in groups. This also poses a risk for substance abuse, an issue that was present already. 

Not only are there regular citizens wanting lockdown to end but organisations as well. With hairdressers, restaurants, bars, accommodation places, fitness and sports facilities and cinemas still being closed, these business owners are pleading for lockdown to end so that businesses can reopen. Now that more regulations are eased, these owners and organisation members are saying that their businesses pose less risk than places of worship and schools being opened would. 

With restaurants, many are saying that they should open and just like with places of worship, a limited amount of people should be allowed inside. Other countries were also seen to have done this. 

The main view of South Africans comes from being indecisive. On one side, lockdown has done a good job and has good reason behind it but with Ramaphosa's new ruling, South Africans are no longer seeing the point of lockdown. 

The initial aim of lockdown was to flatten the curve so that health facilities were not overwhelmed and could prepare for further outbreaks. Now, as that has been done, the argument towards the use of lockdown is fuelled. However, it has been confirmed by officials that South Africa is not ready for lockdown to end as the necessary interventions are not in place and an ending to lockdown would case the numbers to skyrocket. 

Careers Portal issued a poll to our readers and asked, 'Should government continue the lockdown or put an end to lockdown' and over 60% said that the lockdown should continue. 

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