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South Africa Now Has 13 Deaths But It’s Not All Bad News


South Africa has seen an increase in cases and deaths but hopefully the growth of these will slow down as we engage in this lockdown. South Africa has also been making advancements such as setting up many mobile testing stations across country.

South Africa now has a total of 1749 confirmed cases with a death toll of 13. The National Communicable Institution of Diseases has said that there has been 45 recoveries. However, they have stated that this number is lagging because of the criteria for recovery.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has said that it is too early to decide whether the 21 day lockdown period will be extended and they are still assessing whether an extension will be needed.

Covid-19 Fatalities in South Africa

The newer deaths in South Africa from the coronavirus are as follows:

  • A 63 year old female from Kwazulu-Natal.
  • An 80 year old female from Kwazulu-Natal.
  • An 81 year old female from Kwazulu-Natal who had no travel history. She passed away on 2 April.
  • An 80 year old male from Kwazulu-Natal who had no travel history. He passed away on 2 April.
  • An 81 year old female, Kulsum Cassiem, from Bo-Kaap in Western Cape passed away on 4 April after reporting to ICU on 29 March. She presented with the following symptoms: fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, dry cough and body pains. She also had hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol.
  • An 86 year old male from Kwazulu- Natal who reported to hospital 26 March. He was diagnosed with respiratory disease and bronchopneumonia. He had chronic obstructive airway disease as an underlying condition.
  • A 57 year old man from the Western Cape who had a history of diabetes and heart disease.
  • A 60 year old male who had stage 4 prostrate cancer at Parklands Hospital.

The guideline definition for patients under investigation has been updated. Now, patients who present with just one of the Covid-19 symptoms are now eligible to get tested.

Testing Stations Deployed

A pattern of individuals not going to clinics or getting tested when they present with symptoms has been seen. Government has therefore taken it upon themselves to seek out people and engage in the process of screening and testing them for Covid-19 rather than wait for individuals to present themselves or have their health be worsened.

Field workers have been deployed to visit homes in villages, town and citizens. Their duty is to screen residents in order to see whether they have any Covid-19 symptoms. People who present with symptoms will then be referred to local clinics for testing.

Mobile sampling and test units were launched on 1 April. They started with 67 units and are in the process of increasing them.

As of 6 April, around 59098 tests were conducted nationally.

Government has received many donations including millions from private sectors. These donations will benefit South Africa greatly and will help see an increase in resources available to combat Covid-19.

Students Who Came From Wuhan Have Finally Gone Home

The 76 TVET College Students have returned to their respective homes and families after their return from Wuhan and quarantine period at Birchwood Hotel. They were under quarantine here as a safety precaution to make sure that the virus was not brought into South Africa.

They spent several months in quarantine in China and then had to go under quarantine for another 14 days, immediately after returning from China.

Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, has said, “I can confirm that the Birchwood Hotel is now a green zone” after all students tested negative for Covid-19. Four other students are still under quarantine until 7 April as they arrived back in South Africa later than the group of 76 did.

These 76 students have been urged by Nzimande to spread the message to fellow South Africans. This message should speak about how effective a lockdown is and how important it is to adhere to the rules after experiencing China having a complete turn around from Covid-19 after a lockdown was instated.

Nzimande has also said that even with out limited resources, we as a nation will overcome this virus together.



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