Some Schools At Risk Despite National Reopening

South African Schools appear to be at risk of closure despite reopening on Monday. This comes after the Eastern Cape MEC for Education announced that there would be a closure of all dysfunctional schools as well as the merger of a school into another in Limpopo. 


The Department of Education in the Eastern Cape has announced that it will go ahead with the closure of dysfunctional schools. It is estimated that more than 1000 schools will be affected.

The programme is intended to ensure the augmentation of all limited state resources for the benefit of every learner in the province. This as poor Matric results as well as dwindling learner turnout among those meant to return, have become the main reason.

The communities of the affected schools have been given 30 days to make submissions. Philip Mzamo Secondary School based in Ngwalane location in the Eastern Cape is among those that have been affected.

The school will be merged with another and officials in the sector say they intend to save the government from what it terms unnecessary expenditure.

The intention is to get a sense of what then becomes a broader view of the communities that are being served and how do you save the government's expenditure out of those institutions that are dysfunctional. So from that 1000 already, about 400 of them are likely to be repurposed.

No governmental organisations advocating for equal education have come out in support of the announcement as one of their officials says that they understand that due to resource constraints within the sector, there cannot continue being overcrowded classes when children can be taken to a school with more resources.

Furthermore, learning had not resumed at Modumo High School in Limpopo. Educators have been instructed to resume their duties at a different school. One of the teachers confirmed that there were few learners in attendance at the school.

As a result, learners had been reported to a different school which has been reported to have merged with their school.


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