Social Media Campaign Raises Thousands to Assist Needy Students

The #R10GoesALongWay campaign raises thousands to assists financially needy students with registration fees. They call on all of South Africa to assist them as they work to help as many students as possible fund their studies.



Starting on Instagram and then spreading throughout social media, the #R10GoesALongWay campaign is currently raising funds to assist students with registration fee 

What started as an Instagram live to discuss the current matters of students being financially excluded, ended up in a campaign to raise funds for students of South Africa who need financial assistance. Through crowsfunding on social media, Sibu Mabena and team managed to raise R42 000 in a matter of hours to assist students who require financial support.

After having raised so much in so little time, the group created the hashtag #R10GoesALongWay to raise funds for financially needy students. The hashtag was spread around on various social medias, like Twitter and Facebook., to get the community of South Africa involved in donating as little as R10 in order to help fund students. The widespread hashtag, shows the power social media can have.

Mabena says:

Everything started on social media and that why we are here now.

Since the beginning of the campaign, they have received donations from organizations like PicknPay and KFC in order to help students. They have also received donations from SA Rugby Captain, Siya Kolisi and other well accredited South Africans, in support of our youths education. 

The campaign is current sitting on roughly R610 300 in donations that will be used to assist students of universities, colleges and private colleges with registration fees. 

Understanding that the amount of money so far raised is not a massive amount, they are looking to the rest of South Africa to assist them on their journey to provide for needed students.

This little pool of money and I say little because, we do understand that the problem is massive. We think this little bit can help some students get a start.

Working with Fundi, they are discussing how and when students can apply for the financial aid scheme that they started. Until then the are eager to take any donations the people of South Africa are will in to give. 

If you are looking to contribute to the #R10GoesALongWay campaign, you can find the account details below 


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